Welcome! Whether you've just moved to the area, or have lived here all your life, we hope our website helps you to find out everything you want to know about our Church.

Some key information about the church...


Where & when does the church meet?

Our Church meets every Sunday at 10am-12noon for our Sunday Service. 

We meet at:
Fountain of Life
15 Howards Gate,
Welwyn Garden City
You can see a map on our Contact Us page
Parking is in a variety of ways around town (before 10:00 am it is easier).

What should I expect when I visit the church?

You will receive a very warm welcome particularly from our Welcome Team who will be able to answer your questions and direct you to where you need to go.

We usually start with worship, led by our amazing 'XP' worship group. You will not be able to help yourself joining in. We worship, praise, sing and play and know that God is listening and enjoying.

Usually it is then a sermon or talk given by our Pastor Kunle Adetola or one of the ministers or a guest. We are very much a bible based church (usually following on our bibles, tablets and mobiles). Followed by information, forthcoming events  and various items mixed with more praise and worship.

There is a structure to the service but it easily adapts to where the Lord takes us, eg the children perform or a group may have a point to make or an item to share.

The first Sunday in each month is our 'Thanksgiving Service', which is extremely up beat usually with people's testimonies, birthday celebrations etc.

What happens to the kids at church?

We have a fantastic programme for the kids at the Church for ages 0–12. Children stay with their parents at the start of the service as we worship (sing songs!) together for the first part of the morning. Someone will announce when the children need to go to their programme. You will need to go with your children and register them.

For more information about what happens in the children's work please visit the relevant age groups for you under church life.

Is there a dress code?

No! Please just be yourself and come dressed in your 'normal' clothes.

Will I have to join in?

Not at all!
You are free to simply observe or participate as much as feels comfortable for you.

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